Mrs. Lori Smith









Mrs. Julie Weiner
School Finance Assistant









Mrs. Laura Kreber
Cultural Diversity Specialist/Office Assistant









Ms. Teresa Roybal









Mrs. Jackie Keough
Kindergarten Teacher










Mrs. Traci Mara
Kindergarten Teacher









Mrs. Laurie Waddle
Kindergarten Aid










Mrs. Aleigha Willingham
Kindergarten Aide









Mrs. Diana Reames
First Grade Teacher









Mrs. Carrie Kefalas
First Grade Aid









Mrs. Jackie Ogden
Second Grade Teacher









Mrs. Sally Hall
Third Grade Teacher










Mrs. Connie Morse
Fourth Grade Teacher









Mrs. Nancy Parisi
Fifth Grade Aid









Mrs. Caitlyn Blacet
Fifth Grade Teacher









Mr. Casey Leonard
Sixth Grade Homeroom Teacher









Dr. Theresa Thanos
Seventh Grade Homeroom Teacher









Mrs. Julie Hedrick
Eighth Grade Homeroom Teacher









Mrs. Amy Loring 
Intervention Specialist









Ms. Carolyn Hughes









Mrs. Julie Cheatham
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Coordinator









Ms. Ashley Rule
Cafeteria Manager









Mr. Randy Smith
Cafeteria Helper









Mr. Shaun Kinser
Intervention Specialist









Mrs. Karen Perry
Intervention Specialist









Mrs. Theresa Daugherty
Intervention Specialist









Mrs. Diane Schlanser
Speech Teacher









Miss Kaci Reichard
Art Teacher









Mr. Keith Murnane
Physical Education Teacher








Mr. Scot Ashton
Music Teacher