Thank You to the Catholic Foundation

Once again, we wish to extend a sincere thank you to The Catholic Foundation.  The Foundation has very generously granted our School with a $16,200 grant to be used towards purchasing 60 Chromebook laptop computers for our students. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, St. Cecilia Elementary School has transitioned to a ‘hybrid’ learning schedule where only half of our student population is in the classroom on any given day.  The technology needs for our students, both in the classroom and at home learning virtually, has increased tremendously due to this new classroom schedule.  The addition of the Chromebooks will greatly improve the educational needs for many of our students who do not have access to this technology at home.

We are also extremely grateful to the donors who contribute to The Catholic Foundation that make these grants possible.  The Catholic Foundation is a non-profit autonomous organization that receives and manages assets to provide funding for the parishes, schools, and ministries within our Catholic community.  If you would like more information on contributing to existing funds that support our ministries, or would like to work on a planned gift of your own, please contact The Catholic Foundation at 614-443-8893.